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Episode 55: Tim Miller / LCD Soundsystem

Sound of Silver, by LCD Soundsystem (Wikimedia)
Scot Bertram and Jeff Blehar discuss LCD Soundsystem with Tim Miller.
Introducing The Band:
Your hosts Scot Bertram (@scotbertram) and Jeff Blehar (@EsotericCD) with guest Tim Miller, communications consultant, GOP operative, contributor to The Bulwark, and co-founder of America Rising. Follow Tim on Twitter at @Timodc.
Tim’s Music Pick: LCD Soundsystem
This week, Political Beats is selling its guitars and buying turntables, and then selling its turntables and buying guitars, as we explore the brief but dense discography of LCD Soundsystem, one of the premier acts of the 21st century, and finally back in business after a long hiatus. The band is the brainchild and primarily the work of one James Murphy, former Brooklyn DJ and middle-aged rock snob/producer who finally decided in 2003 to say screw it and start releasing his own music rather than just produce it for other people. His first single, the hilariously self-deprecating music snob’s lament of “Losing My Edge,” became a indie phenomenon and launched LCD Soundsystem on a career path that took it all the way from the New York City hipster underground to selling out the entirety of Madison Square Garden before a breakup and recent reunion that finds Murphy and his friends sounding as vital as ever. Jeff labels LCD Soundsystem’s music “a journey to the end of rock music,” a terminal point for an entire era of musical creativity and fusion, but what a glorious one. If you’re already a fan, then get ready to hit the dance floor with the gang this week. If you’ve never heard LCD Soundsystem before, or know them only from their immense critical reputation, then get ready to experience one of the true greats of the modern century. As for me? I was there. I was there.

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