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Episode 57: Michael Brendan Dougherty / Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five

Scot and Jeff discuss Ben Folds Five with Michael Brendan Dougherty.

Introducing the Band:

Your hosts Scot Bertram (@ScotBertram) and Jeff Blehar (@EsotericCD) with guest Michael Brendan Dougherty. Michael is a senior writer at National Review and is the author of the new book My Father Left Me Ireland: An American Son’s Search for Home.  Michael is on Twitter at @michaelbd.

Michael’s Music Pick: Ben Folds Five

Were you never cool at school? Are you a fan of Elton John, Billy Joel, Bruce Hornsby, and Todd Rundgren? Well, Ben Folds Five might be the band for you. You must know a few things upfront, though: There are only three members of Ben Folds Five (it just sounds better than Ben Folds Three), and there is no guitar used on any of the band’s proper albums. Piano, bass, and drums. That’s it. Ben Folds, Robert Sledge, and Darren Jessee use those instruments to cover a wide range of styles and dynamics. Jazz? Sure. Rock? Yep. Power pop? Sure? Prog rock? A little. Singer/songwriter laments? Absolutely! We take a deep dive into their output prior to the band’s breakup in 2000 and also cover Ben Folds’ solo work and the band’s reunion album in 2012. Join us Underground, where everything is heavy and everyone is happy.

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