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Episode 31: Education Choice Author and Researcher Mike McShane

Mike McShane (YouTube screengrab via American Enterprise Institute)

Sometimes it only takes one experience to realize at least part of your life’s purpose. For Mike McShane his moment was during his time as a teacher at a historically African-American Catholic school on the West side of Montgomery, Alabama called St. Jude Educational Institute. It was there that he realized that too many children in Alabama and around the country were being denied the opportunity of a quality education. He realized he had to do something about it. And he did.

Mike McShane is currently the Director of National Research for EdChoice in Indianapolis. Among many, many literary publications, Mike is also the editor of New and Better Schools, the author ofEducation and Opportunity and coeditor ofEducational Entrepreneurship Today,Teacher Quality 2.0andCommon Core Meets Education Reform. Most recently he was on Reality Check with Jeanne Allen discussing educational options and the affects the newest Supreme Court Justice nominee might have on school choice.

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