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Episode 109: By the Numbers

Rich, Charlie, Luke, and Michael discuss the president’s recent poll numbers, the anonymous (and disgraceful) 'New York Times' op-ed, and more.

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Episode 108: Would Woodward’s Words Wound?

Rich, Reihan, Charlie, and Michael debate the impact Woodward’s new book on the White House will have, discuss how the Left is losing its mind during the Kavanaugh hearings, and ...

Episode 107: Primary Concern

Rich, Reihan, Charlie, and Michael remember John McCain, discuss possible outcomes of an ongoing NAFTA negotiation with Mexico, and consider controversies in the recent Florida primary.

Episode 106: Pervasive Corruption

Rich, Luke, Michael, and Dan discuss the aftereffects of the Cohen and Manafort trials, corruption’s role in current politics, and more.

Episode 105: The Dog Days of Summer

Coordinated anti-Trump editorials, John Brennan’s stripped of his security clearance, a second round of litigation against Masterpiece Cake Shop, and more.

Episode 101: Helsinki Hullabaloo

Reihan, Luke, Charlie, and Michael discuss Trump’s poor Helsinki performance, debate the sustainability of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez as a candidate, and make the case for more creative political representation.

Episode 100: SCOTUS and Soccer

Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss their reactions to the SCOTUS pick, ponder President Trump’s relationship with NATO, and discuss soccer.

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Law & the Courts

So Now What?

So now what? We have a name and an accusation, which is an improvement over the status quo ante. If you’re going to make an allegation of misconduct, this is how you do it: publicly, and attached to as much information as you have. Eternal shame on those who made specific calls before they knew what was being ... Read More