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Episode 91: The Moving of the Embassy

Rich, Reihan, Michael, and Dan McLaughlin discuss the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem, the death of Tom Wolfe, and the Democrats' shift to the left. Editors' picks: • Reihan: Phyllis McGinley • Dan: Defining ...

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Episode 90: The Art of the Iran Deal

Rich, Reihan, Charlie, and Michael Brendan Dougherty discuss the end of the Iran deal, Rudy Guiliani's new role, and the primary results in West Virginia and beyond.

Episode 89: Fifty Questions

Discussing Mueller's leaked questions, Marco Rubio's criticism of the Republicans' tax reform package, and Joy Reid's time-traveling hacker.

Episode 88: Monsieur Macron

Rich, Charlie, and Michael Brendan Dougherty discuss President Macron's visit, the ordeal of Alfie Evans, and a bizarre court decision on DACA.

Episode 87: Comey Chameleon

Rich, Reihan, Charlie, and Michael Brendan Dougherty discuss James Comey's book, North Korean diplomacy, and Starbucks's company-wide sensitivity training.

Episode 86: Serious in Syria

The Editors discuss the situation in Syria, the impending resignation of Paul Ryan, and Mark Zuckerberg’s trip to Congress.

Episode 85: Bolton Lava

Reihan, Michael Brendan Dougherty, Luke Thompson, and Alexandra DeSanctis discuss John Bolton, China, and the legalization of marijuana.

Episode 82: Tariffs

Rich, Reihan, Michael Brendan Dougherty, and Luke Thompson discuss Trump's tariffs, Stormy Daniels, and the upcoming Trump-Kim meeting.

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