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Episode 147: The Immigration Game

The editors discuss the increasing friction between the U.S. and Iran, high tensions surrounding Alabama’s heartbeat bill, and Jared Kushner’s new immigration plan.

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Episode 146: A Tussle over Taxes

Rich, Charlie, David, and Luke discuss the clamor surrounding Bill Barr, the uproar over Trump’s taxes, and legalities around a social media crackdown.

Episode 145: All Barr . . . What?

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Luke discuss the Bill Barr uproar, Biden’s presidential chances, and the Venezuelan crisis.

Episode 144: Slippery Slopes

Impeachment, Elizabeth Warren’s college loan erasure proposal, and the recent condemnation of the famous singer Kate Smith.

Episode 143: The Mueller Report: Unveiled

Rich, Charlie, David, and Luke discuss the newly released Mueller report, focusing on the topics of collusion with Russia, obstruction of the investigation, and the fallout from the release.

Episode 141: Betting on Buttigieg

Rich, Michael, David French, and David Bahnsen discuss Trump’s tax returns, Pete Buttigieg’s presidential chances, and the Chick-fil-A ban.

Episode 140: Calvinball Politics

Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss Joe Biden’s presidential chances, new developments in the border debate, and the outlook for American healthcare.

Episode 139: The End of the Affair

Rich, Charlie, David, and Michael discuss the many angles of the Mueller report, including the media’s reaction and political ramifications.

Episode 138: Pessimism Abounds

The Editors discuss the New Zealand shooting, Elizabeth Warren’s calls to eliminate the electoral college, and Beto’s chances as a presidential contender.

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