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Episode 367: Reconciliation Abomination

Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss the abysmal infrastructure and reconciliation bills, AOC’s House-floor playacting, and the grossness of the Gabby Petito coverage.

Latest Episodes

Episode 366: Feeling the Spirit

Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Jim discuss elites’ masking hypocrisy, the border crisis, and the confusion over COVID vaccine booster shots.

Episode 365: No Reason for Treason

Rich, Charlie, and MBD discuss General Milley’s unconstitutional actions, the Durham indictment, and the intensification of the border crisis. 

Episode 364: AOC’s Fashion Fumble

Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Jim discuss the Democrats’ unreasonable tax bill, AOC’s ridiculous Met Gala dress, and the impending California governor’s recall. 

Episode 361: Texas Escapes Roe

Rich, Charlie, Phil Klein, and John McCormack discuss the new Texas abortion law, President Biden’s falling poll numbers, and more.

Episode 360: Shattered Promises

Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Jim discuss Biden’s disgraceful Afghanistan exit, how COVID has turned into a completely partisan issue, and U.S. intel’s useless COVID-origins report.

Episode 359: It Gets Worse for Biden

Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss ongoing Afghanistan chaos, SCOTUS’s overturning of the eviction moratorium, and Ashli Babbitt’s shooter.