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Episode 458: A Mar-a-Lago Mess

Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Michael discuss the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, the IRS’s expanded workforce, and Joe Biden.

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Episode 457: A Dispiriting Outcome

Rich, Michael, Phil, and NR’s submissions editor Jack Butler discuss the pro-life defeat in Kansas, Sinema’s approval of the Inflation Reduction Act, and much more.

Episode 455: Pelosi Plans a Trip

Jim, MBD, and Jimmy Quinn discuss Manchin’s turnabout on BBB, Pelosi’s potential Taiwan trip, and how the GOP should investigate the U.S. Covid response.

Episode 454: Into Recession?

Jim, Dan, and Alexandra discuss the recessionary trend in the U.S., Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s playing fast and loose with recusal rules, and more.

Episode 451: The Hardest of Hard Cases

Rich, MBD, Charlie, and Maddy discuss the horrific story of a girl who was raped in Ohio, the discussion between Professor Khiara M. Bridges and Senator Hawley, and more.

Episode 450: The Left Discovers Biden’s Age

Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Jim discuss Biden’s inability to do his job, what will happen to the bodega owner in NYC, and the pro-choice lies about ectopic pregnancies.

Episode 449: Who’s Afraid of Gavin Newsom?

Rich, Charlie, Maddy, and Michael discuss Biden’s tanking ratings, Boris Johnson’s resignation, and what a Gavin Newsom presidential run would mean for the country.