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Episode 319: Courting Disaster

(Bill Chizek/Getty Images)

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Jim, and Daniel discuss Biden’s executive order on guns, the unionizing failure at an Alabama Amazon warehouse, and a farcical blue-ribbon commission to study court-packing.

Editors’ picks:
• Rich: Daniel and Andrew’s work on Capital Matters
• Charlie: Cameron Hilditch’s piece “Farewell to Prince Philip
• Jim: Luke Thompson’s piece “The Rise and Fall of the Lincoln Project
• Daniel: David Beckworth’s piece “Why Investors Can’t Quit U.S. Debt

Light items:
• Rich: Runners starting on second during extra innings
• Charlie: Laser tag on the beach
• Jim: The Heritage golf tournament
• Daniel: Garrett Cole


The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Colleen Schutte.