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Episode 436: Watching Georgia

Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Jim discuss the ongoing Georgia primary, if the U.S. should defend Taiwan, and Princeton’s firing of Joshua Katz.

Episode 434: Tragedy in Buffalo

Rich, Charlie, Jim, and Michael discuss last weekend’s horrific mass shooting, and the Twitter war between Biden and Jeff Bezos.

Episode 433: Formula Failure

Rich, Charlie, Jim, and Michael discuss the Pennsylvania Senate race, the baby-formula shortage, and Jen Psaki’s replacement.

Episode 432: The Inflation Situation

Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Michael discuss today’s terrible inflation numbers, the protestors outside Supreme Court Justices’ homes, and much more.

Episode 431: Are the Justices Safe?

Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss Roe and the reaction to the SCOTUS draft leak and J. D. Vance’s success in the Ohio primaries.

Episode 430: The Supreme Court Leak

Today on The Editors, Rich, Alexandra, Jim, Maddy, and Phil discuss last night’s leaking of the SCOTUS draft opinion in the Dobbs case.

Episode 428: Will Elon Musk Save Twitter?

Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Jim discuss Musk’s purchase of Twitter and Biden’s plan to cancel student debt. Also, Matt Continetti joins the Editors crew to discuss his new ...