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Episode 55: Ed Schultz

Ed Schultz (Screengrab via RT)

Ed Schultz has gone from a prominent liberal MSNBC commentator to a news anchor at a Russian state sponsored television network.

In the latest episode of the The Jamie Weinstein Show, the host of RT’s News with Ed Schultz talks Trump, why his views of Trump and Putin have seemingly changed since he joined RT, and much more.

Show Roadmap

  • What’s surprised Schultz about President Trump’s first year
  • What Schultz thought when Trump first entered the Republican primary
  • Who Schultz supported during the presidential election
  • The difference between working at MSNBC and RT
  • On why Schultz’s view of Trump seemingly changed after joining RT
  • On why Schultz’s view of Putin seemingly changed after joining RT
  • On his influences

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