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Episode 66: Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis is a conservative in a Washington no longer welcoming to conservatives.

In the latest episode of The Jamie Weinstein Show, The Daily Beast columnist and CNN contributor Matt Lewis returns to discuss what it would take him to vote for Trump in 2020, the state of Never Trump, the negative incentives that drive media coverage, and much more.

Show Roadmap:
  • What has surprised him since Trump took office.
  • What it would take for Lewis to vote for Trump in 2020.
  • How the GOP became the “Blame America First” party.
  • The state of Never Trump.
  • How the left has handled Trump’s presidency.
  • On the state of the media and how podcasts are a bright spot in a sea of darkness.
  • Whether Lewis feels the Collusion narrative is more plausible after Helsinki.
  • On Matt Drudge, Sarah Palin and Steve Bannon.
  • When Matt Lewis had dinner with Alex Jones.
  • On his career and influences.