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Episode 69: Boris Epshteyn

Boris Epshteyn arrives at Trump Tower in New York, November 16, 2016. (Eduardo Munoz/Reuters )

Boris Epshteyn is no stranger to controversy.

In the latest episode of The Jamie Weinstein Show, the chief political analyst for the Sinclair Broadcast Group and former Trump administration official opens up about the rise of Trump, why his critics are wrong to call him a Trump administration propagandist, whether he signed a non-disclosure/non-disparagement agreement while working for the Trump campaign, the Russian collusion investigation, his influences, and much more.


  • What has surprised Epshteyn about the Trump administration’s first year and a half.
  • Why Epshteyn thinks Trump won the Republican primary.
  • What Epshteyn makes of the state of the media.
  • Epshteyn defends himself and the Sinclair Broadcast Group against charges it is pro-Trump propaganda.
  • On whether Epshteyn signed a non-dislosure/non-disparagement agreement with Trump and whether that should matter in his new media role.
  • On whether he disagrees with Trump on any issue, from the debt to North Korea.
  • What Epshteyn makes of the Russia collusion investigation.
  • On Eric Trump, Paul Manafort, Matt Drudge, Alex Jones and Steve Bannon.
  • On his career and influences.

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