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Episode 72: Max Boot

Max Boot on Real Time with Bill Maher (via YouTube)

For years, Max Boot considered himself a pillar of the conservative establishment.
In the latest episode of The Jamie Weinstein Show, the longtime conservative foreign policy intellectual and author of The Corrosion of Conservatism opens up about why he left the Republican Party, why he has changed his mind on various political issues since the election of Donald Trump, and much more.

Show Roadmap:

  • What has surprised Boot since election of Donald Trump.
  • Why Boot thinks Trump won the Republican Primary.
  • On how he’s changed his mind on questions of race.
  • On admitting supporting the Iraq war was a mistake .
  • On why Boot only now began to “think for himself” — and whether that indicts his previous career as a conservative commentator.
  • Whether it is responsible to compare Russian interference in the 2016 election to 9/11.
  • On Lindsey Graham.
  • On who Boot hopes runs for President in 2020.
  • On what he would do if the 2020 presidential race was Trump vs Bernie Sanders.
  • On Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.
  • What Boot makes of the different strands of Never Trumper-ism.
  • On Matt Drudge, Steve Bannon, Bill Buckley, and Marco Rubio.
  • On his career and influences.

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