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Episode 77: Mike Morell

Mike Morell on CBS This Morning (CBS via YouTube)

Mike Morell spent a career studying and analyzing the world.

In the latest episode of The Jamie Weinstein Show, the former acting director of the Central Intelligence Agency opens up about the first two years of the Trump administration, the state of conflicts around the world, Jamal Khashoggi, and so much more.
Show Roadmap:
  • What’s surprised Morell about the first two years of the Trump administration.
  • What Morell thinks about the state of the war in Afghanistan.
  • The threat of Islamist terrorism 17 years after 9/11.
  • What are our options in North Korea?
  • Why Morell thinks China is America’s number one challenge — and will be for decades.
  • What Morell thinks of MBS — and how the president should have handled the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.
  • On the threat from Iran.
  • What Morell thinks of the “Russia Collusion” investigation.
  • Morell on how America’s military advantage is rapidly deteriorating.
  • Morell on his influences.

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