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Episode 38: Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban may just run for president in 2020. At least the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of TV’s Shark Tank says he is seriously considering it. In a marathon interview from one of his offices in Dallas, Cuban opened up on a potential 2020 run, his stances on various political issues, his relationship with Steve Bannon, his influences and so much more.
Show Roadmap:
Cuban on the state of the Trump admin and his relationship with Donald Trump

Why Cuban dislikes Ted Cruz

Cuban on the chances he runs for president in 2020

Cuban on his relationship with Trump confidantes Steve Bannon and Michael Cohen

Cuban on social issues, guns, judges & entitlements

The Cuban Foreign Policy Doctrine

Cuban on learning he had relatives who died in the Holocaust

Would Cuban wear a tie in the Oval Office?

Name association: Cuban on Matt Drudge, Howard Stern and Bernie Sanders

Why Cuban was wrong about Trump and the stock market

Cuban’s tips for business success

Cuban on traits billionaires tend to share

The books that most influenced Mark Cuban and what he wants on his tombstone