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Episode 18: Heavily Redacted

Andy and Rich discuss an accusation that the FBI was limited in its Kavanaugh investigation, look into a troubling insurance policy, and much more.

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Episode 16: What’s the Point?

Andy and Rich break down yesterday’s hearings, explaining the wrongful demands for an FBI investigation, the point of the proceedings, and much more

Episode 15: The Cycle of Chaos

The Kavanaugh accusations, developments in the Manafort trial, and whether or not Trump could pardon Manafort.

Episode 14: Where’s the Crime?

Andy and Rich discuss developments in the case of former FBI agent Peter Strzok and lawyer Lisa Page and analyze ongoing FISA abuses.

Episode 12: The Guilty and The Victorious

Andy and Rich discuss the damage done by Michael Cohen pleading guilty, Trump’s need for forthrightness in dealing with the Cohen outcome, and more.

Episode 10: Trump Tower Turmoil

Andy and Rich discuss the latest information about the Trump Tower meeting, and continue considering the ongoing Manafort trial.

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‘White Women’ Becomes a Disparaging Term

Using “white men” as a putdown is no longer extreme enough for the Left. Now it is moving on to doing the same for “white women.” How rapidly this transpired. It was less than two years ago that the approximately 98.7 percent of white women working in media who were openly rooting for Hillary Clinton ... Read More
Politics & Policy

The Beatification of Beto

The media’s treatment of Texas Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke wasn’t the most egregiously unfair coverage of the past year -- that would be the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh -- but it ranks among 2018’s most annoying. The endless glowing profiles of O’Rourke in every publication from Vanity Fair to ... Read More
Politics & Policy

The World Keeps Not Ending

We were not supposed to have made it this far. George Orwell saw night descending on us in 1984. Orwell was, on paper, a radical, but in his heart he was an old-fashioned English liberal. He dreamed of socialism but feared socialists. He feared them because he knew them. I was in the sixth grade in 1984, but I ... Read More