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Episode 25: Theatrical Exercises

Teddy Kupfer interviews Andy about this week’s Mueller investigation revelations, Jeff Flake’s disgraceful conduct, and much more on today’s edition of The McCarthy Report.

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Episode 24: Where’s the Crime?

Andy and Rich discuss where the actual crime lies in the Mueller investigation, particularly as it relates to Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Jerome Corsi.

Episode 23: An AG Special

Andy and Rich discuss the legalities surrounding acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, possible outcomes of the CNN lawsuit, and more.

Episode 19: When in Saudi Arabia. . .

The implications of a journalist’s murder in Saudi Arabia, the radical background of U.S. Representative Kyrsten Sinema, and much more.

Episode 18: Heavily Redacted

Andy and Rich discuss an accusation that the FBI was limited in its Kavanaugh investigation, look into a troubling insurance policy, and much more.

Episode 16: What’s the Point?

Andy and Rich break down yesterday’s hearings, explaining the wrongful demands for an FBI investigation, the point of the proceedings, and much more

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Identifying the Problem

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The Diversity Mania Forges Ahead

In today's Martin Center article, John Rosenberg looks at the latest advances of the seemingly unstoppable diversity juggernaut. The silly idea that some people are more valuable to a university than others simply because of their ancestry has spread to hiring faculty who supposedly "improve" diversity without ... Read More