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Episode 144: The Durham Indictment

Andy and Rich discuss Durham’s indictment of Michael Sussmann, how to consider the recent news about General Milley, and more.

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Episode 143: The DOJ Should Know Better

Andy and Rich discuss Biden’s federal vaccine mandate, the Justice Department’s unworkable lawsuit against Texas, the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and much more.

Episode 142: Taking on Roe

Andy and Rich discuss the new Texas abortion law, the fallout from the botched American withdrawal from Afghanistan, and more.

Episode 138: Cuomo’s Crumbling Defenses

Andy and Rich discuss the AG report on the sexual-assault allegations against Cuomo, the unconstitutionality of the extended eviction moratorium, and much more.

Episode 137: Define Your Terms

Andy and Charlie discuss the first hearing of the select committee on January 6th, why some of those rioters being held without bail, and the new COVID vaccination mandates.

Episode 136: Slow-Motion Train Wreck

Today on The McCarthy Report, Andy and Rich discuss the blowup over the January 6th committee, domestic terrorism and entrapment, Bill Barr, and much more.