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Episode 48: Would You Tell the FBI?

Andy and Rich discuss Andy's House Intelligence Committee testimony, Trump's comments on foreign intelligence, and more investigation of the investigators.

Episode 44: Après La Lettre

Charles Cooke and Andy discuss Bill Barr on Capitol Hill, the controversy over the Mueller letter, and much more.

Episode 43: Let the Fighting Commence

Andy and Rich discuss the fights breaking out over the Mueller report, Don McGahn’s continued role in the drama, and the upcoming Barr testimony.

Episode 40: Disclosure Debate

Andy and Rich discuss disclosure problems surrounding the Mueller report, the real border security, and much more.

Episode 39: Arrival

Join Andy and Rich for a deep dive into the long-anticipated and newly arrived Mueller report.

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George Packer Gets Mugged by Reality

Few journalists are as respected by, and respectable to, liberals as The Atlantic’s George Packer. The author of The Assassin's Gate (2005), The Unwinding (2013), and a recently published biography of Richard Holbrooke, Our Man, Packer has written for bastions of liberal thought from the New York Times Magazine ... Read More

How to Bend the News

This, from ABC, is a nice example of a news organization deliberately bending the truth in order to advance a narrative that it wishes were true but is not: Venerable gun manufacturer Colt says it will stop producing the AR-15, among other rifles, for the consumer market in the wake of many recent mass ... Read More

Trump’s Total Culture War

 Donald Trump is waging a nonstop, all-encompassing war against progressive culture, in magnitude analogous to what 19th-century Germans once called a Kulturkampf. As a result, not even former president George W. Bush has incurred the degree of hatred from the left that is now directed at Trump. For most of ... Read More