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Episode 74: Charles Cooke II: Cruise Ship Boogaloo

Why is Florida so weird? Can government unite us? Is Charles Cooke still a British citizen? The editor of NationalReview.com himself returns to The Remnant to answer these and other ...

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Episode 73: Curdish Freedom Fighter

Can Congress be fixed? Is Breaking Bad the greatest TV show? Representative Mike Gallagher joins The Remnant to answer these and other pressing questions.

Episode 72: A Riot of Nuance

Is George Soros pure evil? Is nationalism? Why can’t Yale students use the term “master” anymore? Brookings Institution scholar and author of 'The End of Europe' James Kirchick answers these ...

Episode 71: Dire Chris Stirewalt

Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt rejoins The Remnant for a conversation on the midterms, the parties, and America’s political future.

Episode 70: Fighting Homelessness

Jonah invites homelessness policy expert Stephen Eide onto the show to discuss what to do about the plight of the homeless.

Episode 69: Midterminal

Did Beto blow it? Will the Republican party survive Trump? Is Jonah dyspeptic? National Review's Jim Geraghty joins Jonah to attempt to answer these and other pressing questions.

Episode 68: Revenge of the Corn

Senator Ben Sasse (R-Corn) rejoins the Remnant to discuss 'Them,' his new book about giant ants. Jonah also does some particularly pungent rank punditry.

Episode 66: Post-Orb Potpourri

Is Jonah vexed? What were the Saudis thinking? Is a blue wave imminent? Jonah answers all these questions and more on the latest Remnant.

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