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Episode 86: Venezwailin’

Venezuela expert and AEI scholar Roger Noriega comes onto The Remnant to discuss whether Venezuela will collapse and whether Maduro be overthrown.

Episode 84: Social Justice: It’s a Put-On

Noah Rothman, associate editor of Commentary, joins The Remnant for some light punditry and some heavy nerdery on the misuses of social justice, apropos his new book, "Unjust: Social Justice ...

Episode 83: The Haruspex Returns

Will Howard Schultz be president? Who will win the 2020 Democratic nomination? Noted augur Kristen Soltis Anderson answers these and other questions.

Episode 81: Stay In Your Lane

Washington Post editorial writer Charles Lane discusses how he defeated Darth Vader, why journalism is so terrible right now, what the 2020 Democratic field looks like, and more.

Episode 80: The Last Podcast

Jonathan Last, executive editor of The Bulwark and the last of the Sub-Beacon trio to appear on the Remnant, joins Jonah for a rollicking round of repartee about Trump, the ...

Episode 79: Economic Strain

Is the working class made of candy glass? Is Oren Cass wrong? Is the universe probabilistic? AEI economics scholar Michael Strain joins The Remnant to answer these and other questions.

Episode 78: Make Work Great Again

Manhattan Institute scholar Oren Cass joins 2019’s first Remnant to discuss everything from the working class to China's trade war.

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Jussie Smollett’s story has always sounded a little . . . extraordinary. Smollett, who appears on the television series Empire, says he was attacked on the streets of Chicago at 2 a.m. by two men who shouted racial and homophobic abuses at him, beat him, doused him with bleach, and fastened a noose around ... Read More