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The Victor Davis Hanson Podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 54: Animal Farm 2021

Victor discusses his friend Thomas Sowell; California governor Gavin Newson; the second Trump impeachment; and his essay on the Left’s agenda. 

Episode 53: The Russia Card

Victor discusses the new issue of Strategika and its theme of U.S.-Russian relations, progressive illiberalism, and the Biden administration.

Episode 52: Time to Forget

Victor discusses the Left’s call for reprogramming, attacks on the the 1776 Commission report, the Biden Administration’s executive order kyboshing girls’ sports, and more.

Episode 51: Achilles’s Tendencies

Victor discusses President Biden’s first day, President Trump’s final ones, calls to ban Fox and Newsmax from cable systems, and more.

Episode 48: Speak with Woked Tongue

Victor ends 2020 discussing the vocabulary of Wokespeak, America’s “Animal Farm” media and its post-election flipping of political good and bad.