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Episode 64: Our First Woke President

The Joe Biden who never was, the political uses of the death of Officer Sicknick, Biden’s determination to upset the peace Trump handed him, Maxine Waters’ riot mongering, and ...

Episode 63: Pigmentation Nation

The rationale behind the elites’ wokeness, the cannibalism of revolutions, how race trumps all, the MSM’s preference for the noble lie, and the value of the American iconoclast.

Episode 62: MLB Failing MLK

Victor takes on Joe Biden; the radical new rules imposed on post-America; COVID realities; Delta, Major League Baseball, and more.

Episode 61: The Masking Marauder

Victor takes on the latest Fauci winging-it, flip floppery, whether America is committing suicide, the trouble of our military’s progressive “recalibration,” and more.

Episode 60: In a Feeble Position

Victor discusses America’s new class warfare, the foreign-policy consequences of our Feeble POTUS, the Biden Administration’s getting out-manipulated by Red China and Russia, and more.

Episode 59: Texas Cage Match

The madness at America’s open southern border, media legendizing, the left’s “Imaginarium,” Biden first national address, and more.