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Episode 42: Georgia, Georgia, No Peace I Find

Sen. David Perdue speaks during a campaign event in Cumming, Ga., November 13, 2020. (Dustin Chambers/Reuters)

On today’s episode, Victor discusses what’s at stake for America in the forthcoming special U.S. Senate elections in Georgia, Donald Trump meets The Searchers, powerful claims about massive security deficiencies in America’s election and ballot-counting systems, Senator Josh Hawley levelling anti-trust charges at Big Tech’s Big Brothers, renewed Democratic yearning student-loan debt forgiveness, and California’s lockdown-loving Governor Newson caught in yet another incident of do as I say, not as I do.

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VDH: Marching into Georgia, with the Senate in Sight

VDH: Will Trump Ride Off into the Sunset?

NR (Michael Brendan Dougherty): Federal Student-Loan Cancellation Is Bad Policy

NR (Brittany Bernstein): California Governor Newsom Flouting Coronavirus Precautions at Upscale Napa Restaurant

Washington Examiner: Josh Hawley Grills Facebook CEO about Tool Allegedly Used to Track Users across the Internet

Townhall: Sidney Powell Reads a Smartmatic Whistleblower’s Affidavit Alleging Voter Fraud

Sydney Powell discusses Dominion: Video here

Business Insider: Security Officials Worry Israel and Saudi Arabia May See the End of Trump as Their Last Chance to Go to War with Iran


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