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Episode 54: Animal Farm 2021

Victor discusses his friend Thomas Sowell; California governor Gavin Newson; the second Trump impeachment; and his essay on the Left’s agenda. 

Episode 53: The Russia Card

Victor discusses the new issue of Strategika and its theme of U.S.-Russian relations, progressive illiberalism, and the Biden administration.

Episode 52: Time to Forget

Victor discusses the Left’s call for reprogramming, attacks on the the 1776 Commission report, the Biden Administration’s executive order kyboshing girls’ sports, and more.

Episode 51: Achilles’s Tendencies

Victor discusses President Biden’s first day, President Trump’s final ones, calls to ban Fox and Newsmax from cable systems, and more.

Episode 48: Speak with Woked Tongue

Victor ends 2020 discussing the vocabulary of Wokespeak, America’s “Animal Farm” media and its post-election flipping of political good and bad.

Episode 46: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Left World

Victor discusses the root causes of the new mad Left, the “Hydroxy Effect” facing Joe Biden, the Hoover Institution’s Strategika journal and its new discussion on the pandemic’s impact on ...