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The Classicist: Lessons from WWII

Victor Davis Hanson looks at how the year 1941 transformed World War II from a regional conflict into a global conflagration and explains how lessons from that era apply to ...

The Libertarian: The Future of Obamacare

Richard Epstein explains what the flight of insurers from Obamacare exchanges means for the program’s future — and describes the steps necessary to reform American health care. Discuss this podcast ...

The Libertarian: The Epstein Party Platform

  With Democrats moving left and Republicans abandoning many of their traditional principles, Richard Epstein proscribes an alternative pro-growth policy platform for 2016. Discuss this podcast at Hoover.

The Libertarian: The Perils of Progressivism

Richard Epstein looks at the policy proposals animating Democrats in 2016 – and explains why they’ll lead to continued economic anemia. Discuss this podcast at Hoover.  

The Classicist: The Fraying Order

Victor Davis Hanson considers whether flaring racial tensions throughout the country can be salved – and whether our politicians are up to the task. Discuss this podcast.

Libertarian Podcast: Black Lives Matter and the Police

Richard Epstein looks at the recent controversies over police shootings of African-American men in Louisiana and Minnesota, and the subsequent attacks on police officers in Dallas. Discuss this podcast at ...

The Classicist: Weimar America

  From Bernie to Beyonce, a look at the multitude of factors driving America’s cultural instability. Discuss this podcast at Hoover.