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The Classicist: Lessons from WWII

Victor Davis Hanson looks at how the year 1941 transformed World War II from a regional conflict into a global conflagration and explains how lessons from that era apply to ...

The Libertarian: The Future of Obamacare

Richard Epstein explains what the flight of insurers from Obamacare exchanges means for the program’s future — and describes the steps necessary to reform American health care. Discuss this podcast ...

The Libertarian: The Epstein Party Platform

  With Democrats moving left and Republicans abandoning many of their traditional principles, Richard Epstein proscribes an alternative pro-growth policy platform for 2016. Discuss this podcast at Hoover.

The Libertarian: The Perils of Progressivism

Richard Epstein looks at the policy proposals animating Democrats in 2016 – and explains why they’ll lead to continued economic anemia. Discuss this podcast at Hoover.  

The Classicist: The Fraying Order

Victor Davis Hanson considers whether flaring racial tensions throughout the country can be salved – and whether our politicians are up to the task. Discuss this podcast.

Libertarian Podcast: Black Lives Matter and the Police

Richard Epstein looks at the recent controversies over police shootings of African-American men in Louisiana and Minnesota, and the subsequent attacks on police officers in Dallas. Discuss this podcast at ...

The Classicist: Weimar America

  From Bernie to Beyonce, a look at the multitude of factors driving America’s cultural instability. Discuss this podcast at Hoover.

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An Idea for Student Loans: Get Rid of Them

Here is a three-part plan for something practical the federal government could do to relieve college-loan debt. Step 1: The federal government should stop making college loans itself and cease guaranteeing any such loans. Step 2: It should prohibit educational lending by federally regulated financial institutions ... Read More

A Reckoning Is in Store for Democrats

The crisis of the Democrats is becoming more evident each week. Those of us who have been loudly predicting for years that the Russian-collusion argument would be exposed as a defamatory farce, and that the authors of it would eventually pay for it, are bemused at the fallback position of the Trump-haters: that ... Read More
White House


Some of you will be familiar with a lefty, partisan Democratic organization called MoveOn, formerly MoveOn.Org. It was founded during an investigation into President Bill Clinton’s shenanigans (which were not, Democratic mythology notwithstanding, strictly sexual in nature) and argued that it was time for the ... Read More

Why ‘Stop Sanders’?

'Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?” T. S. Eliot asked. “Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” And where is the intelligence we have lost in cleverness? Cleverness is the plague of our political classes, an influenza of the intellect. The consultants are always trying to ... Read More