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Apologies to pomocon readers for stopping my blogging for a spell.  I’ve been dealing with a new job, and a new location:  Utah Valley University, and living in Provo within a stone’s throw of Rock Canyon, BYU’s football stadium, and, our Ralph Hancock!  Things are swell–excellent Constitution-focused classes, fine students, great hiking, and an Anglican church only an hour away(well, that part’s not so swell)–but it’s been a more involved move than usual.  And it’s likely not the last one, things in academia being what they are for the conservative Gypsy Scholars of my generation.

Decency is decency, the Golden Rule is the Golden Rule, and so I thank John Boehner for his career of public service, and what I take to be his sincere conduct of his House leadership according to his best understanding of that role.  But last night’s news about his latest budget deal is so stunning that I feel compelled to apologize if I have ever said anything ”moderate-minded” about the content of his political leadership and judgment.  This deal, if it goes through, will be political failure of the first order.  It is horrible policy and inept bargaining, it breaks promises, and it brazenly gives the finger to any number of conservative principles.  It seems the Tea Party and the Rush Limbaugh types were right about John Boehner from the beginning.  

And as for what this deal portends for the future, well, it feels like Boehner and those joining him (like Paul Ryan) are dropping the mask entirely, and just letting base conservatives know that they despise them, intend to work against them at every turn, and will flaunt their raw power to do so.  Apparently, the shameful Trump boom has elicited not an iota of repentance from them. They refuse to admit that his popularity is their fault; and, they are signaling that their response to the sort of criticism Boehner received from ordinary conservatives will from now on be unapologetic defiance.  They’re doubling down on their past mistakes.

Those of you who have Republican members of the House or Senate representing you, they need to hear from you today.  

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