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Because The Climate Change of 9/11 Made Me Do It

What we learned in the (surprisingly well-moderated) CBS debate was that terrorists shoot up French restaurants and concerts because of climate change, and that Hillary Clinton is a favorite of Wall Street because we were attacked on 9/11.

In a media-entertainment complex that was not overwhelmingly liberal, both of those statements would become mainstream punch lines.  Sitcoms would have characters responding to every misfortune (dropping a hammer on one’s foot, the cancellation of a favorite television show) with “climate change.”  Everyone caught in misbehavior(or a perceived misbehavior)  would wink and say “because when we were attacked on 9/11.”

Clinton’s comment seems to have drawn genuine irritation and contempt from liberal-leaning journalists, but it won’t be amplified and endlessly repeated outside of the explicitly political media the way it would have if an analogous gaffe had been made by the presumptive Republican nominee.  

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