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Peter Schramm: Teacher, Blogger, and Bully-Smiter

Peter Schramm has passed away.  Our condolences to all his loved ones.    

The Postmodern Conservative blog is a small thing in the world, and so the fact that Schramm was in a way its God-father rightly wouldn’t make any list of his many significant accomplishments.  He gave Peter Lawler his first blogging gig, at No Left Turns.  Lawler would have wound up blogging one way or another, I’m sure, but I can attest that at least for myself, commenting on the many fine posts at No Left Turns, many by Lawler, but many also by Schramm, was an important entry into my own blogging.  I fondly remember the conversations a number of us had on the No Left Turns site.  So if I never had the honor of being taught by Professor Schramm, I do know that I owe him a thing or two, even at second-hand remove.  The great teachers are like that–over time, their influence touches thousands upon thousands. 

Schramm loved the good things:  America, Ralph Ellison books, rock n’ roll, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn books, Lincoln’s statesmanship, and fine writing and artwork regardless of its ideological provenance.  In the days to come, I hope we’ll see some link-rich pieces from others more knowledgeable about his main contributions to scholarship and teaching, but for now, I’ll send you to Schramm’s No Left Turns archive, and in particular to one post about the day he stood up to a bully.  Okay, here’s one more, “Winesburg, Ohio,” that seems very characteristic of the man.  

We’ll miss him.  And we thank him.  RIP.


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