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Plastic Memo-tastic Executive Action, Part II

It was late at night, I’d had a bit too much wine and was already trippin’ out to the latest brilliant White Fence album, and had definitely forgotten to take my meds, when I ran across this Byron York story about Obama’s executive action last November, and dude, that just sent me over into the other side.  

See, not only did his action elude everyday square human ability to determine what it was, as it actually wasn’t an executive order as everybody thought, but it evaded our ability to determine when it was, that is, when it began.  York, being a reporter for a newspaper, is all uptight about whether this means the beautiful Obama people lied about facts n’ stuff, and what that has to do with the recent judge-ordered stay, and so he can’t dig the disorienting brilliance of the Lightworker’s political performance art.  


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