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Rubio and Cruz Should Go Gore

And other debate thoughts

In no particular order:

1. Cruz and Rubio should look at Al Gore’s debate with megalomaniacal billionaire Ross Perot.  Learn from Gore. Interrupt Trump at all times. Never pass up an opportunity to hit him. Even if a question is not about Trump, make it about Trump. If the moderator tries to rein you in, go Newt Gingrich on the moderator. Gingrich was a master at reminding journalists that they get to ask the questions, but that the you are going to answer the question any way you please. Portray the media as Trump’s liberal enablers and attack them both.  Say that you are going to say what you want to say, and not what liberal journalists want to hear. Then go after Trump again. And never stop.

2. Focus on Trump using his bought New Jersey politicians to try to steal the house of an old lady. But don’t just make Trump look like a bully. People can live with a bully who is on their side. Use the story to make Trump look like a weak bully. He failed to steal her house. Trump lost to an old lady because, at its best, America is about protecting the rights of ordinary people from spoiled brat elites. 

3. The attack on Trump hiring foreign guest workers was a little unfocused last night. Rubio got it right in his stump speech on Friday. Trump rejected the applications of American workers in order to hire lower-wage foreign workers.    

4.  I expect that Fox News will do a better job of letting the debate exchanges flow rather than jumping in to save Trump the way that Wolf Blitzer did over and over again. Trump (who isn’t stupid) knows to expect the same thing. I suspect that Trump is going to be looking for any excuse to skip the next debate, because the more serious Fox News journalists are not going to be throwing him any lifelines.


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