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The Week of Carson

What a great week for Ben! He’s ahead in one national poll, and that, more than anything Jeb has said or done, got Trump to lose his cool. Not only that, the respected commentator Henry Olsen, no Carson supporter, finally pronounced that, as a campaigner, Carson knows what he’s doing and has a shot at the nomination.

This might even be the month or even the season of Ben. It’s very hard to know, although we can’t forget that his campaign is exceedingly vulnerable and that he, objectively, has no business being president or the nominee.

Still, Carson is providing quite the teachable moment for those Republicans aching for victory in November who are willing to learn. I’m trying to get that lesson straight on another channel.

Peter Augustine LawlerPeter Augustine Lawler is Dana Professor of Government at Berry College. He is executive editor of the acclaimed scholarly quarterly Perspectives on Political Science and served on President George ...


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