Right Field

About That Play Call

I had planned to postpone Reveille until Tuesday in recognition of Super Bowl XLIX but, in thinking up a post on the Big Game, expected to scribble something on this year’s best and worst commercials, Katy Perry’s performance during the halftime show, or the air pressure in Tom Brady’s balls.

Instead, what I ultimately found myself doing was rummaging through my Twitter feed to collect an array of off-the-cuff comments in response to the decision of Seattle head coach Pete Carroll (or was it offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell?), with the Seahawks down four to the Patriots, to throw the ball on second-and-goal from the one with nearly half a minute remaining on the clock.

Here’s the best of what I found:

And this one takes the “Winner, winner, chicken dinner” prize:

#smh, Pete. #smh.

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