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Adam Greenberg (Still) Can’t Get a Break

By now, you probably know the inspirational story:

Thanks to a 92-mph fastball that hit him in the back of the head, Adam Greenberg’s first plate appearance in the bigs turned out to be his last — for seven years.

Last night, the 31-year old finally returned to the batter’s box and got to face . . . Cy Young Award candidate R. A. Dickey (2.73 ERA, 3.27 xFIP).


Greenberg proceeded to look at strike one, then swung and missed at the next two pitches. All three were Dickey’s trademark pitch: the fast knuckleball.

Jeff Sullivan and Joe Posnanski sum up my feelings pretty well:

Greenberg, who received a standing ovation from the Marlins Park crowd as he returned to the dugout, still hopes to earn a roster spot next spring.

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