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Analyzing Peter King’s Fighting Style

At the Corner, Nat links to a video of Congressman Peter King’s boxing match against Josh Foley. The fight was good-natured, and King admitted that Foley was taking it easy on him.

Still, let’s take a closer look at the congressman’s fighting style.

It isn’t a high quality video, and we can’t see the congressman’s footwork, so let’s just focus on his hands.

The Good: The congressman seems to throw strong punches; one punch (at about 25 seconds in) manages to push Foley back a step. King has a nice one-two combo (at about 11 seconds in), which demonstrates basic boxing literacy. And best of all, King is clearly not fazed by Foley’s superior skill set. The congressman, true to his political persona, charges ahead.

The Bad: The congressman tends to drop his hands when throwing punches. After throwing a cross, a boxer should quickly return his dominant hand to his face for protection; King drops his hand to his ribcage. King also throws what looks like a left-hand hook (15 seconds in), but he drops his right hand to his waste. In a fight against a less charitable opponent, these lapses most certainly would have resulted in a knockout. 


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