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Annika Sorenstam Severs Finger Joint, Tweets Pic

Annika Sorenstam is hardcore. She’s got the picture to prove it. (Warning: severed finger ahead):

There are few golfers on this planet that had a career like Annika Sorenstam. The 42-year-old is third all-time on the LPGA win list with 72, third all-time in majors (10) and the only player in LPGA history to shoot 59 in a round.

Sorenstam retired from professional golf in 2008 but that doesn’t mean she still isn’t a big part of the game. She appears frequently on the Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive” show and … alright, I tried. I tried to make this article normal and natural but I just … I can’t.

On Tuesday, Sorenstam tweeted a picture of an accident she had while slicing chicken for a dinner and the results are pretty grotesque.

As a person whose first inclination is often, “That’s disgusting . . . let me get a picture of it,” I applaud Ms. Sorenstam for her efforts.


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