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Baseball Reveille 10/10/11

Good morning!

Here are several go-to links that will make the next few hours a bit more bearable:

  • Jonathan Scippa of Baseball Analysts takes a closer look at umpire Ted Barrett’s strike zone in the deciding game between the Tigers and Yankees (advantage: Tigers).

  • Is there so much bad blood between the Brewers and Cardinals that even soft-spoken Zack Greinke has to get in on the action?

  • On the subject of Cardinals-Brewers, Matt Lindner of The Outside Corner is happy that MLB permitted Miller Park’s roof to remain open for the first game of the NLCS.

  • David S. Cohen of The Good Pfight assigns blame for the premature end to the Phillies season: “There’s only one finger to point, and that’s at the game of baseball itself. The baseball post-season, especially with the opening series being only 5 games, has nothing to do with who is the best team. . . .”

  • Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun was the first to report that Andy MacPhail was stepping down as Orioles president.

  • Chris Jaffe of the Hardball Times analyzes the surprise hiring of Robin Ventura as the next manager of the White Sox.

  • Beyond the Boxscore’s Satchel Price takes a look at the offseason shortstop market.

  • I had meant to post this one two Reveilles ago: David Wright may not think so, but according to this Howard Megdal post in the New York Times, CitiField did not suppress the home team’s offense in 2011.

Ryan Howard suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon on the play that ended his team’s season.

That’s it. Have a walk-off week!

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