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Baseball Reveille 11/7/11

Good morning!

Here are several go-to links that will make the offseason a bit more bearable:

  • This New York Post headline doesn’t mess around: “Mets settle suit with woman injured by falling fat man at Shea.”  According to the article, “[W]itnesses said [the fat man] was so sloshed, he couldn’t even complete the ‘Let’s go Mets!’ chant.” 

  • Meanwhile, the Post reported that owner Fred Wilpon recently authorized the laying off of nearly 10 percent of the organization’s staff, “including business, clubhouse and scouting personnel.”

  • Dan Duquette willingly accepted the Orioles’ general manager gig offer, reports CBS Sports’s Danny Knobler. Constant interference from owner Peter Angelos and manager Buck Showalter is sure to follow.

  • Brian Cashman re-upped with the Yankees. Grant Brisbee of Baseball Nation has the details on the three-year pact.

  • Over at McCovey Chronicles, Brisbee responds to suggestions that the Giants consider trading ace Tim Lincecum.

  • Managerial candidates for the Cubs are discovering a quite eccentric interview process, says Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times, including requests to manage a simulated game.

  • FanGraphs’ Josh Goldman uses 2009–11 run-expectancy data to break down stolen base break-even points.

  • RIP, Matty Alou, who passed away at the age of 72. Bruce Markusen of the Hardball Times looks back at the Dominican’s 15-year big league career, including his stance at the plate, adopted after joining the Pirates: “The unorthodox batting approach of the five-foot, nine-inch Alou—his swinging at pitches out of the strike zone and hitting off of his front foot while using a remarkably heavy bat—had drawn criticism for much of his career. Alou strode with his right foot first, kept his bat back as long as possible, and then flicked his wrists.”

  • RIP, Bob Forsch, who passed away at the age of 61. The righty was the only pitcher to throw two no-hitters in a Cardinals uniform and had thrown out the ceremonial first pitch of the 2011 World Series game seven. Rick Hummel of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has more details on Forsch’s tenure as a Redbird.

Jim Thome is back in Philly.

That’s it, folks. Only 103 days until pitchers and catchers report!

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