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Baseball Reveille 3/12/12

Good morning!

Here are several go-to links that will make the day a bit more bearable:

  • Mike Ozanian of Forbes profiles hedge-fund king Steve Cohen, opining that he is the “most important man in Major League Baseball right now.”

  • Baseball Analytics’ David Golebiewski asks, “Is Big Blue Calling a Better Strike Zone?” Inside the Book’s Tom Tango reviews the data and wonders, “Are umpires behind the decreased run evironment?”

  • RIP Harry Wendelstedt, 73. The Baltimore native umpired in the bigs for 33 years and, as the Los Angeles Times reminds us, will be remembered most for helping Don Drysdale keep his scoreless-inning streak alive in 1968 when he declared that a plunked Giants batter did not attempt to get out of the way of the pitch.

  • Courtesy of Bill Wagner of the (Annapolis) Capital, meet Mitch Harris, the 13th-round draft pick of the Cardinals in the 2008 amateur draft, and presently Lieutenant Junior Grade serving on the USS Carr.

Harris has applied for the Alternative Service Option that allows service personnel to serve two years of active duty then serve six years in the reserves in order to pursue a vocation that would provide a public relations or recruiting benefit to a branch of the armed forces.

Graduates of the United States Military Academy and Air Force Academy have been granted permission to sign with professional sports teams after serving two years of active duty, but Naval Academy graduates have not been allowed to participate in the ASO program.

Baseball America reported that Harris could have been drafted as high as the fifth round had the five-year military commitment not been an obstacle. The 26-year-old North Carolina native is due to be discharged from the Navy in May, 2013.

Speaking of lettering and logos, UniWatch’s Paul Lukas is amazed by this 1943 photo.

That’s it. Have a walk-off week!

Jason Epstein is the president of Southfive Strategies, LLC. He was a public-relations consultant for the Turkish embassy in Washington from 2002 to 2007.


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