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Baseball Reveille 3/5/12

Good morning!

Here are several go-to links that will make the day a bit more bearable:

“When you’re sitting there and a guy brings up sabermetrics, they don’t know nothing about that guy, and that may be the biggest thing,” Manuel said. “Sometimes a guy will look at you and say, ‘Why did you play that guy, he’s 1 for 16 against that guy with seven punch-outs?’ But when I’ve watched that guy, he might be 1 for 16, but nine of those at-bats the guy hit about three or four balls hard.

“Shane Victorino last year, for instance, was 2 for 16 or something like that against Derek Lowe, and before I played him we talked about it. He told me he had a plan for going up there against him, and he stuck with it, and he got three hits.”

Inside the Book’s Tom Tango replies:

If a follower of sabermetrics would ever dare suggest that 2 for 16 means something, please remove his sabermetrics card, then call the hotline and have him reported.  We devoted half a chapter in The Book arguing precisely AGAINST using 2 for 16.  Please, don’t ascribe the idea of resting someone that is 2 for 16 to sabermetrics.

Bobby V lights a match under the Boston-Bronx rivalry.

That’s it. Have a walk-off week!

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