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Bloomberg: The Giants Will Get a ‘Parade to Remember’

New York Daily News:

Lower Manhattan will be solid Blue on Tuesday when the city is throwing a Giant ticker-tape parade through Broadway’s Canyon of Heroes.

Mayor Bloomberg announced plans for the confetti-filled celebration Sunday night as the Giants clinched Super Bowl XLVI over the Patriots in Indianapolis.

“Big Blue gave us a game to remember, and on Tuesday we’re going to give them a parade to remember,” said Bloomberg, who hails from Boston and was at the game in Indy.

Big Blue was last honored with a parade up Broadway in 2008 after ending New England’s bid for a perfect season with a 17-14 last-minute upset.

Keep this in mind: Iraq war veterans won’t get a parade in New York City. Mayor Nanny says the military doesn’t want a parade, but St. Louis had a parade for America’s heroes without objection from the military.

The NFL says it honors our troops. Here’s hoping the NYC parade doesn’t happen unless Mayor Bloomberg is forced to see the light on a parade for real champions.


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