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Bob Costas’s Halftime Op-Ed on Gun Control

Bob Costas used the tragedy in Kansas City, where Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend and then committed suicide in front of his coach and general manager, to opine on the need for gun-control laws.

Columnist Jason Whitlock weighed in as well and blamed our “gun culture.”

I think Andy Levy put it best last night when he tweeted:

Bob Costas, who’s gotten rich thanks in part to a sport that destroys men’s bodies and brains, gives us a little civics lecture.

First, let’s statethat we don’t know what made Belcher murder is girlfriend, the mother of his daughter. There is a report out (it’s anonymous, so I’m taking it with the proverbial grain of salt) that Belcher and his wife had been having relationship issues and she was getting ready to move out. Further, this anonymous source says Belcher was having issues with drugs, alcohol, and concussions. In other profiles of Belcher, an entirely different picture us painted — one of a “model NFL citizen.”

We could wait until the facts are in and autopsy is done on Belcher to see if his brain was suffering from frequent injuries related to football, but what’s the fun in that? It’s much easier to blame guns or booze or concussions and get links to your piece.

But back to Costas: Levy is right. It’s the hypocrisy, stupid. Not only is NBC making money off the sport, but the game it broadcast last night featured less-than-model NFL citizen Michael Vick as the star.

At what point does sanctimonious Costas say he’s done working for NBC on football games until changes to the game are made, including dealing with concussions as well as character issues among the players that make NBC some major coin? He’s rich enough and a big enough a star to make a difference. If he thinks his op-ed will do that, maybe he’s the one with head-trauma issues. Of course, real changes would hurt ratings and NBC’s bottom line, but until Costas threatens that, there’s no reason to take him seriously.



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