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Brett Favre Not Sure He’d Let a Son Play Football

From this morning:

Legendary quarterback and future NFL Hall-of-Famer Brett Favre spoke to TODAY’s Matt Lauer about football, concussions and his future in an interview to air Monday. 

Favre doesn’t have a son, but if he did, he told Lauer, “I would be real leery of him playing” football. “In some respects, I’m almost glad I don’t have a son because of the pressures he would face. Also the physical toll that it could possibly take on him, not to mention if he never made it, he’s gonna be a failure in everyone’s eyes. But more the physical toll that it could take.”   

In October, Favre said that at age 44 he’s facing “scary” memory issues linked to on-field concussions. “I think after 20 years, God only knows the toll,” the ex-Green Bay Packer told a Washington, D.C. radio station last month, adding that he could not recall an entire season of his daughter’s soccer games.

“I try to…offset the aging process, as we all are, by diet or running or biking, whatever,” Favre told Lauer. “But as we get older, I mean, it happens to all of us. You know, ‘Where’s my glasses?’ 






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