Right Field

The Bronx Bombers Bargain-Hunters

Yesterday, Manny Ramirez retired rather than serve out a second league suspension — this one for 100 games — for again testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

At the start of the Fox broadcast of the Yankees-Sawx tilt at Fenway today, it was interesting to hear Ken Rosenthal not only announce that he would not cast a Hall of Fame vote for Manny when he becomes eligible, but also speculate about possible PED use by Ramirez earlier in his career.

So, Jason, who’s the biggest free-agent bargain now that Manny will have to be Manny somewhere other than MLB-monitored rehab?

Russell Martin for $4 million and Andruw Jones and Eric Chavez for $1.5 million per are all looking pretty good to me right now — despite the fact that none of them earned mention in your season-preview column. 


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