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Bullying Update: Jonathan Martin Didn’t Cooperate with NFLPA Investigation

USA Today reports:

While the Miami Dolphins await the release of a league-appointed investigator’s report on issues of workplace conduct, the NFL Players Association is getting close to wrapping its own probe into the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito situation that dominated headlines during the 2013 season.

One major difference: Martin refused to speak with attorney Richard Smith, whom the NFLPA retained in November to interview witnesses and examine Dolphins management’s role in alleged abuse that preceded Martin’s departure from the team.

“We were able to talk to every player involved and were privy to the information about the administration in Miami,” NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday.

“We weren’t able to talk to Jonathan Martin, which was unfortunate. But we’re going to conduct our workplace evaluation and our report is concluding.”

Martin left the team after a cafeteria prank Oct. 28, and his representatives subsequently turned over evidence of alleged abuse at the hands of his teammate Incognito, who was suspended for conduct detrimental to the club.

At the Dolphins’ request, the NFL appointed prominent attorney Ted Wells to direct what it called an “independent” investigation into issues of workplace conduct. Martin, 24, met extensively with Wells on Nov. 15 and again Dec. 6, but not Richard Smith.

“He refused to talk to us,” DeMaurice Smith said. Asked if he knew why, Smith said no.

The NFLPA intends to wrap up several other active investigations into team and medical staff conduct before next month’s scouting combine, Smith said.

It looks the the report will be issued sometime after the Super Bowl. As for Richie Incognito, he’s fighting back and sources told Fox News that he intends to be back in the NFL next year.


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