Right Field

Candlestink Park

My pal Roberto — world-class conservative and die-hard Giants fan — went to Frisco to catch the NFL Championship game, and shared his take on the gridiron-liberal experience. The game? “Incredible tension.” The setting? Well . . .  

Candlestick is a true reflection of the abyss of the Left — worn-down, discarded building; shambles of a neighborhood; fights, venom, filth, drugs, booze taunts, spitting, throwing of beer. A vulgar, Mad Max environment that is totally befitting this deviant town by the Bay that is literally caving in on itself. [The 49ers’ loss] couldn’t happen to nicer crowd. And – there’s a five percent “healthy food tax” in all restaurants in a town so [deleted, deleted, and deleted]. Other than that it’s a wonderful place. Shame that the “Say Hey Kid” had to play there. 

Let’s not forget Roberto, he did begin and end his career in New York City. Anyway, was it all that bad? Did I mention . . . 

the lack of police or rather the combination of disinterest in their eye, mixed with the ex-con type of tattooed parking attendants managing a dilapidated, pothole-riddled, garbage-strewn, and urine-soaked space, awaiting petty bribes. It’s all par for the Boxer-Pelosi coast.

Give me Yankee Stadium and the safety of the Bronx!


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