Right Field

Congratulations to George O’Leary and UCF

It was a big win for coach George O’Leary last night as his UCF Knights beat the Baylor Bears 52-42 in the BCS Fiesta Bowl

For O’Leary, this is a well-deserved exclamation point to his second chance at coaching.

Remember that in 2001, O’Leary left Georgia Tech for his dream job as head coach at Notre Dame. A few days after his hire, however, discrepancies and lies in his published biography came to light and O’Leary was forced to resign. After a few years in the NFL, O’Leary started coaching at UCF in 2004, and now he has a BCS victory to add to his new, unpadded resume.

Of note, George O’Leary has a better record in BCS games, 1-0, than Notre Dame, 0-4.

Now, resume padding is bad and all, but so is letting your team practice in a windstorm that leads to the death of your team’s videographer. Why was Notre Dame harder on O’Leary than Brian Kelly?