Right Field

Cowboys Draft Preview

For the Cowboys, there’s no need to swing for the fences on offensive stars.

Everyone’s happy with the way Dez Bryant turned out, so now it’s time to focus on defense. The ‘Boys secondary was terrible last year. Prince Amukamara would be my first-round choice, but there’s a chance he’ll be gone by the time Dallas picks at No. 9.

I guess that means we take one of the big offensive tackles available to shore up the O-line.

I’m worried that Jerry’s need for flash combined with the impression that our RB-by-committee isn’t getting it done will result in a reach for Ingram.

We got lucky with a star skill player last year. Can lightning really strike twice?

If the Cowboys can’t get Amukamara in the first round, there’s a possibility they could pick up Aaron Williams in the second. OT and CB would be the ideal takeaway early. If we get Amukamara, we can always pick up an O-lineman in the second.


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