Right Field

Dear Philly Fans: Try Spell-Check

Eagles fans aren’t happy with head coach Andy Reid and have expressed their displeasure by hanging this sign outside of the Eagles’ facility:

I love how the local paper feels the need to correct our friends in Philly:

Some background: on Monday the two came to the team facility to watch film and lift. On their way out in Kelce’s truck they saw three or so fans holding a sign that read “Andy, the Time’s …. to Go.” The protesters were across the street from the NovaCare entrance, according to Mathis. That would place them at a public park, not on Eagles property.Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/inq-eagles/131799108.html#ixzz1ahLcnc3Q Watch sports videos you won’t find anywhere else.

[Personally, we’d probably go with “Andy, It’s Time . . . to Go.”]

I wonder who these two would want to replace Reid? No doubt someone in the mold of Nuke Rocky.