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Dolphins Get New Logo; Shula and Marino Approve

Miami Herald:

Just another ho-hum, typical offseason Wednesday for the Dolphins.

They announced new concessions on the stadium deal. They signed offensive guard Lance Louis. And they made general manager Jeff Ireland and CEO Mike Dee available to season-ticket holders to discuss anything they wanted.

Didn’t matter. It was all logo, all the time in Miami.

The day after confirming that the logo leaked in recent weeks was indeed the real deal, the Dolphins embraced the local and national notoriety.

They even sent Jared Odrick to a community event wearing an off-the-rack T-shirt, with the sleek — albeit controversial — new design. Fans took to Twitter to praise or harangue the new look; Dee acknowledged the reaction was mixed.

But the extreme makeover got the thumbs-up from two respected voices: Don Shula and Dan Marino.

“Glad to see new logo has all the same colors from our great 70’s & 80’s teams. A new look for a new era,” Shula tweeted. . .

It looks like a spaceship if you ask me, but I like it better than the old one:

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