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ESPN ‘Evaluating’ What to Do about Blackness Expert Rob Parker

To follow-up on Andrew’s Corner post yesterday on ESPN analyst Rob Parker’s outrageous statements on Robert Griffin III, ESPN put this statement out last night, via Twitter:

Parker had a chance for damage control after the segment aired, yet he doubled down. This tweet in particular stood out to me:

It’s a real question: what exactly did Parker mean when he called RGIII a “cornball brother” and questioned his “blackness?” And Parker specifically mentioned that Griffin had a white fiancee — a variable that must enter into Parker’s “blackness” formula. Yet Parker dismisses the question and calls the person who asked it “uneducated.”

I would think Parker will probably lose his ESPN gig over this, but he has nobody to blame but himself. Not only for what he said on the air, but for his moronic doubling-down on his moronic, indefensible rhetoric.




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