Right Field

A Football Player on the Right Side of the Law

As much as pro athletes are maligned for their

“I hope the younger generation who know my background will be more comfortable talking to me,” Adibi says, dressed in full uniform for our day-off interview.”There is this gap I’d like to bridge between the police department and the young.”Adibi’s background is football. He was an All-American at Phoebus High and an All-Big East defensive end at Virginia Tech. A fifth-round draft choice of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2004, Adibi never found steady NFL work, in large part because he sustained a broken right hip in 2005 while practicing with the Seattle Seahawks.Adibi worked tirelessly to rehab, but the injury essentially ended his career. What to do?With a degree in residential property management, Adibi pondered real estate. But first, he accompanied his younger brother, Xavier, to Houston after the Texans drafted him in 2008 as a linebacker out of Virginia Tech.There, a careless undercover FBI agent led Adibi to law enforcement. Sort of.


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