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Game 7 Saves Fox’s World Series Ratings

The San Francisco Giants weren’t the only winners in Kauffman Stadium on Wednesday evening.

Deadline’s Dominic Patten explains:

After a bunch of strikes and walks, Fox finally hit a 2014 World Series ratings home run. . . . We knew the drama alone of a Game 7 was going to be a high for this year’s struggling Major League Baseball championship series, but . . . at a packed Kaufman [sic] Stadium ran all the bases for the broadcaster. In metered market results, Fox’s broadcast of the 3–2 win by the San Francisco Giants over the Kansas City Royals got a surging 15.2/24. . . . 

After the lowest rated World Series on record so far, Fox really needed last night’s unexpected Game 7 to turn things around and have America’s pastime grab America’s eyeballs. With smaller market and wild card teams making up the match-up and most of the games’ blowouts, the series and Fox distinctly suffered. Not only was it down from the sturdy numbers of 2013 but this year’s World Series also dipped from the 4-game series of 2012, which had been a record low. The rush of attention and viewers that last night’s Game 7 drew will allow Fox, MLB and the advertisers some much desired breathing room and to make up traction in a sport that has seen audience interest distinctly wane in recent years. Needless to say, Fox is looking pretty good to top Wednesday’s primetime both among adults 1849 and in total viewership.

Maury Brown of Forbes adds:

2014 may be the most uncompelling, competitive World Series in history. While it went the distance, five of seven games were lopsided blowouts. Already saddled with a couple of aspects that meant it would be a challenge to have solid numbers (the Giants returning so many times in recent years coupled with the Royals being in baseball’s smallest market), with the lack of compelling play it had many a writer running for the “Pacing to be the Worst Ever Ratings” headline.

It wasn’t. . . . 

Game 7 was also FOX’s highest-rated prime-time broadcast of the television season, and the network’s best (excluding Super Bowl Sunday) since January 2013.

Game 7 also ranks as the network’s best non-NFL rating since Game 7 of the 2011 World Series

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